I’ll make this quick.

I’m the writer you’ve been sniffing for.

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Adam Christopher Lambert


Creative Writer/Director @ Jolt

M.F.A. Creative Writing, U of Montana
B.A. English, East TN State U

6 years (4 in agencies)



Humanaut Requirements:

  • Humility, positive energy and a love for Google Docs

    If it weren’t for the Google Suite, I’d be late for my Prana Flow class every week.
    (That’s all three birds in one sentence, and half-true to boot.)

  • Ready and pumped to move to Chattanooga, TN.

    Not only am I ready, but the 423 is my home, and I’m coming back to plant roots.
    Count me in for the long haul.

  • Must provide one Vegetarian Chili recipe.

    This. But sub an extra zucchini for the garbonzo beans since they’re garbage.
    Also, use real garlic ffs.

  • At least 2-4 years of getting your ass kicked.

    Oh, there’s a Slater-worthy wave of insincere blogs and white papers in my wake.
    (Willing to show the emotional scars once we’re closer.)


OFFICIAL STATEMENT (aka. “Cover Letter”)

Dear Ms. Eady and Team,

Assuming you have at least a cursory knowledge of my education and background by now, I won’t waste any time here checking boxes or touting grad school. Instead I want to unpack some relevant skills and personal qualities that I believe fit your description. You mentioned needing “buttoned-up pros with real-world experience,” which I thought I’d nip in the bud first thing.

This isn’t where I brag about Super Bowl ads, but rather tell you I’ve writhed in creative pain dozens of times, trying to wring something out of the context and resources in front of me. I’ve had pitches go bad, and money walk out of the room. I’ve had critical players give their two weeks, and outsourced things last minute. In a word, I’ve earned my stripes.

That said, I’m not a company man, or an “ad nerd,” as you put it. I’m a context nerd, a leverage nerd, and a language nerd. (Here, I’ll show you.) Certainly, I get a touch of that Mad Men romanticism when shooting an ad spot or staying late to concept, but I think anyone being honest with themselves would concede that.

I’m not looking for a shiny new promotion with this application. Plainly stated, having “Copywriter” on my contract would be a step down. But that’s not nearly as important to me as affecting culture with a crew of creative buccaneers by my side. Humanaut seems to offer that in spades, and that’s the fundamental reason you’re reading my application now.

I believe it’s the writers job to ensure messaging gets over the attention barrier, and make it simple enough to be understood and retained. I’m not the copywriter who advocates for more copy. I’m all about “distillation”—processing all the various ingredients from your client, running that through the context of the market (or culture), and producing an influential message. Get things in their most potent form, then test them on the masses.

What I’m pointing out here is a shared foundation on which we create content. Your existing work shows me you value quality, human-oriented messaging, and that messaging tells me you have a vested interest in your clients’ success. I believe that shared, creative underpinning will allow me to hit the ground running at Humanaut, which is exactly what I’m looking to do.

While I’m certain you’ll find other candidates who meet the practical requirements for this job, Im offering a common philosophy and (what I’m convinced will be) the perfect culture fit.

If my application meets your standards, I’d love the opportunity to prove the rest in person.

Adam L.



  • Track record in working with senior marketing executives of Fortune 1000 companies, including Valvoline, VF Corp, The Home Depot, and more

  • Accomplished client-facing pitching, persuasion, and presentation skills

  • Conscientious ethic with an approachable personality. I love joining the hive mind to collectively address a problem, then splitting into individual competencies to produce the work.

  • A sense of humor that helps establish rapport with coworkers and clients alike

  • Ability to work independently in support of the agency’s broader goals



If you've read this far, you're likely interested.

An interview would certainly be worth your time, and I believe in making an impression.

So what are you waiting for? Email me. Call me. Send me a Snap. Whatever you do, let's talk. There's work to do.